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JAMES HIGGINSON . Inheritance - Photographie

James Higginson -Inheritance

James Higginson - Inheritance

Inheritance boldly portrays the shortcomings of postmodernism on one hand, and investigates the entanglement of human lives through historic concepts on the other.

The photographs in Inheritance achieve this duplicity by defining the boundaries of the real and the physological outside of the classical storytelling mode. Higginson 's - moments of inheritance - function as mini, infornmation-ridden physchodramas in which fact, thruth and metaphor become one . At first glance, the photographs apppear to be stills from movies, video clips or more TV melodramas. They are powerful images, ones which elict an array of emotions from tenderness to discomfort and even humor. It is only after the images have integrated themselfes into the viewer's being, that the de Chirico-like nature of the photographs - in which objects say as much as the human subjects - becomes apparent.

Imgae by image, cinematic daydreams which are Iheritance generatea suite of visual moments that convey subtextual messages for subsequent generations. This subtext , that - the sins of the fathers are visited upon the son - , is haunting.

For, it is these invisible sins from - Before - which test the limits of the psyche of every son, in every family, in every country unhinging his identity and transforming his soul.

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