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born 1961 in Como, Italy

After Chia, Clemente, Cucchi and

Palladino, Marco Cingolani is one of the artists that belong to the younger generations of Italian artists

with international success and important collectors. He is a

Professor at the Carrara Academy of Art in Bergamo, and he lives

and works in Milan. He employs literary and religious themes in

his encounter with love and passion, as he explains: "Being in

love is the privileged state of the artist, and loving art

involves changing the state of a painting. Some of my figures only

have interest for the beauty and the aroma of women. The entire

world revolves around Claudia Cardinale; men idolise her,

fighting and killing each other under the clear blue sky just

for one glance of her. The Duke of Mantua inspires my brush to

take up red and yellow pigment, and the despair of Rigoletto

captures the dark shadows."

Marco Cingolani is convinced that the secret of painting must be

discovered newly by each generation. As an Italian he may be

best placed to perceive this; the tradition of painting has

never been called into question there, so the quality of

painting is discussed in more depth. He employs the themes of

love and passion to demonstrate his thesis about the eternal

nature of painting - love is both completely new and timeless,

eternal, for all who experience it. A cosmopolitan painter,

Cingolani relishes conversation with fellow-artists, and he is

drawn to Germany by philosophical and artistic paths which

Italian and German painters have shared for hundreds of years.

He brings Italian lightness to Germany and an execution in vivid

colours of the great human dramas that touch us in Verdi's